Brain Bee FAQs

  1. What must be the participant’s age?
  2. 14-18 years old, Sec 2, Sec 3, O-Level and JC students can participate.

  3. Is there a cap to the number of students who can participate from a single school?
  4. No. However, we encourage the school teachers to nominate proficient students to register.

  5. Will there be any funding for the winners of the Singapore Brain Bee Challenge to attend the International Brain Bee Challenge?
  6. Since this is the first time we are conducting this competition in Singapore, no travel grants are currently available.

  7. Can the previous year Singapore Brain Bee Challenge winners participate in this year’s Challenge?
  8. No. Those students who have won the national competition and participated in the International Brain Bee Challenge will not be allowed to participate again.

  9. Location of the Singapore Brain Bee Challenge?
  10. The location of the national challenge will be announced later.

  11. When will the Challenge be conducted?
  12. 31st May 2017.

  13. Deadline for registration, registration fee?
  14. March 15, 2017. No fee for registration.

  15. What to prepare for the test?
  16. Download the study materials here. Brain Facts, Neuroscience-Science of the brain

  17. What will be the exam pattern?
  18. The Written Section includes multiple choice questions (MCQs) or short answer questions that will take about 60 minutes to complete. In the Final Section, the shortlisted students will be invited for oral session from which the top three contestants will be selected.

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